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Emirates Tunisia Expo

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Whereas the First Party, Expo Centre is considered an entity, which is specialized in holding exhibitions and events through having special boardrooms for holding exhibitions, and they are available to rented for this purpose and whereas the Second Party, NFL Exhibition, which is a company having an original license in Dubai as per Professional License #1084323 since it is specilized in this field has the desire to hold an exhibition titled « Expo Tunisian Products in UAE 2022 » in order to serve the market of Sharjah.

About us

Emirates Tunisia Expo

Emirates Exhibition for Tunisian Products September 2022 targets to present a vivid image of all Tunisian products from different sectors. Tunisia will introduce the best of its diversified products piloted by the handicrafts, the manufacturers, the construction industrials,  the service sectors , and others . Meanwhile, it’s an opportunity to connect with the modern business world and get in touch with the latest innovations.

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To guarantee a well-prepared exhibition that is relevant to the high image of Tunisia abroad, there will be a coordination between the different ministries , the state institutions , the organizations , the universities and the interested associations .

The exhibition will include a great artistic concert. The attendees will be the statesmen, the ambassadors of brotherly and friendly countries accredited in UAE, and the most prominent businessmen from the world. Considerable media coverage will be arranged for the event.

The exhibition is an opportunity for its visitors to get hold of the new products, and, it’s a chance for the exhibitors to make relationships with the traders and businessmen who are coming from the different corners of the world.

About expo


Organizer : UAE Company NFL

Location : Sharjah Expo Center

Exhibition theme : Display and sale all the Tunisian products

Types of Exhibitors : Craftsmen, Small and medium enterprises, Great businesses and companies, Service companies.

Number of exhibitors : 400

Visitors’ number : 25000 persons

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